Competition & Performance vehicle Wiring & Electronics Services

Ecu & dash/data logger installation, Configuration and tuning .

From stand alone ecu looms & installations through to full competition vehicle looms incorporating engine/powertrain management, data acquisition systems/dash loggers, expansion units, CAN bus networks, electric waterpump speed control via ecu and ancillary electrics such as rain lights, wipers and charging systems.

Raychem DR25 is used for the loom coverings along with M22759/32 millspec wire to provide a quality loom that is durable & resistant to oil, fuel, heat & the arduous conditions found in the engine bay and is significantly lighter & more compact. Our experience means best practice is used for sound construction and electrical noise suppression along with quality materials. A quality loom may appear expensive at first, but an amateur job with little understanding can result in far bigger costs due to damaged components and hours of fault finding.

You can bring the vehicle to our facilities for the installation or we can travel to your location if required.

To complete the project we offer dyno tuning services with access to Dynapack hub dynos in both the South and North islands.

We also offer on the track development of traction control, launch control, boost control, flat shift & gearbox control systems.

Honda_engine_loom 2014-03-21 13.18.46 Honda F20C engine loom                                




Diagnostics & Engine management fault finding

For both aftermarket & factory engine management. When these go wrong many garages simply throw new parts at the car on gut instinct until the problem goes away (the problem may not actually be fixed but masked temporally). AVR Performance has the equipment & the full understanding of engine management to be able to fault find in a logical process, testing sensors & actuators & the mechanical condition of the engine itself.




Data Acquisition Services



Over the past decade data acquisition systems that were previously only accessible by the pinnacle of professional motorsport have come more & more into reach of the amateur racer. Weekend racers are beginning to cotton on to the benefits of capturing information about the car can offer in terms of looking after the health of the drive train & improving both the car and drivers performance.


Many are put of by the perceived complexity of the subject – this is where we can offer assistance. We can assist you to select a system that suits your needs, application and how deep you wish to go into the data logging world. We can then install and configure the system to give the best reliable results – our experience means we can configure the software to maximise the systems potential (rather than install the system, setup some basic functions & send the car out the door). If required we can also offer assistance & training on how to configure the system to suit your own day to day needs, down load the data, manage the data and interpret the data. Free technical support & tuition is provided for each data logging system we sell.



Competition & Performance Engine Development & Services


We build competition engines for the maximum area under the power curve to suit the application – be that circuit race, rally or drag. We will discuss the requirements with you taking a holistic approach to the project to come up with a power curve shape, peak rpm point and the required reliability modifications to suit your specific requirements including gearing and intended competition discipline.

To achieve the desired power curve for both turbo & naturally aspirated applications the engine package will be treated as a system from the air filter to the tail pipe. The correct diameter & length intake runners, port timing/area/shape, exhaust primaries, plenum shapes/volumes will be selected to give optimum results for the most area under the curve. These parameters are based on our previous experience of calculating & then validating these items on the dyno.

Most competitors will understand this is the best approach to achieve a competition engine that delivers the best possible results on the track – as opposed to a peak glory number on the dyno (however if a peaky dyno racing power plant is required then we can cater for that too).


Competition & Performance Piston Engine services

Competition & performance Piston engine builds & development. From standard engine reconditions to fully forged flame spitting monsters. Specialising in JDM Na & turbo engines from Subaru WRX, Nissan RB, Mitsubishi EVO etc. Full or part packages as required. Feel free to call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements to design an engine package for optimum results – weather your project is circuit, rally, drag, drift or show car. We can provide a drive in/drive out service, or simply supply the engine and any other required bolt on or custom parts.


Competition & Performance Rotary Engine services

The following are just some of the packages on offer. Feel free to call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements to design an engine package for optimum results – whether your project is circuit, rally, drag, drift or show car. We can provide a drive in/drive out service, or simply supply the engine and any other required bolt on or custom parts.

  • 13B Peripheral Port PP turbo Packages Fully developed proven and drivable 13B PP turbo packages delivering up to 700hp at the wheels at 18psi for circuit use and higher for drag applications. These utilise centre bearing cranks and a stud kit (which differs in important areas to others appearing on the market).
  • 13B PP Peripheral Port Naturally aspirated EFI packages
    Wide range of package options to suit your requirements . Standard crank or centre bearing crank.
  • 13B side port Turbo packages
    Again we can offer a wide range of packages from stock to 500rwhp upwards. A range of options exist for intake manifolds including those based around Mazda items, aftermarket or our own custom inlet manifolds. We also offer a range of turbo, and associated hardware options to suit your requirements.
  • Three Rotor short crank  PP Peripheral port turbo and NA packages
    3 or 4 bearing crank options.
  • Semi Direct Injection Options - offer the ultimate in throttle response & drivability in heavily ported engines.


Kipper_3rotor_assembly13B_riley P1000818c




Competition & performance Vehicle services


Competition and Performance car builds, development & maintenance. From one off jobs to full projects. Feel free to call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements to provide you with a solution for what you want to achieve with your project – weather your project is circuit, rally, drag, drift or show car, piston or rotary. We can provide a drive in/drive out service, or simply supply the required bolt on or custom parts.

Example tow-in/drive-out road car project; Riley brought his Series-7 standard road car to us on a trailer with the stock twin turbo engine in pieces. We fully rebuilt the engine as a bridgeport turbo, supplied & fitted the T04Z turbo, exhaust manifold, Tial 60mm gate & exhaust, custom fitted the V-mount intercooler/alloy radiator, comprehensively upgraded the fuel system with new braided fuel lines/injectors/fuel rails/regulator, removed the redundant engine wiring & tidied up the tired looking loom & then installed & tuned an aftermarket ecu.



Fuel Injector flow test services

 Fuel injector flow testing, balance testing & ultrasonic cleaning. Our large capacity in house injector test bench can accurately flow test even the largest 2200cc injectors with a detailed report supplied.




Fuel & Ignition systems services


 Fuel & ignitions systems parts, service, installation & advice. M&W CDI systems installations, conventional inductive ignition system up grades, injector upgrades, aftermarket or custom fuel rails, fuel pump installations, swirl pots & complete fuel system installations.


Competition Gearbox services

 We offer services to rebuild , service or repair your Holinger, Quaife or any other brand competition dog box or gear kit – be it H-pattern or sequential. All components are fully blueprinted & crack tested before reuse. We can also accommodate your syncro factory gearbox.




General Road Car Repairs & Services

As well as providing services for your competition or performance toy we also offer full mechanical servicing & repairs of your daily driven regular road car. Oil changes/services, cam belt replacement, full mechanical diagnostics & repairs.