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Ric Shaw FD3 RX7/Adaptronic at Bathurst 12hr

Ric Shaw recently competed in the 2013 Bathurst 12 hour race with his FD3 RX7 fitted with a Adaptronic 1280s ecu. Adaptronics Andy Wyatt acted as data man for the race. The Bathurst 12 hour is now open to the exotic GT Ferraris & Lamborghinis, however there is an invitational class for some of the local machinery of the likes of Rics RX7. Ric started of well qualifying first in his class, however gearbox issues spoiled any chances of a good result. The clip below is his qualifying hot lap;

A full replay of the 2012 Bathurst 12hour can be found here;

New Zealand is getting a taste of these very tasty GT cars latter this year when they come across the ditch for a round at the South Islands newest race circuit the Highlands in Cromwell. ( ) See you there.



Some random pictures of various projects



Greg initially approached AVR performance to tune the Holly 4-barrel carburettor equipped Holden 202 Ute. We attempted to dyno tune this but with very poor results as the carburettor was not correctly matched to the application. The Holden 202 engine is a “Blue” variety with a mild cam & other light modifications but the carburettor was simply too large. Greg happened to have a factory EFI inlet manifold from a later model 202 VK Commodore so elected to upgrade the Ute to EFI for drivability and to make future enhancements easy to tune.

The conversion was undertaken by AVR and involved a few modifications to the Commodore inlet manifold to incorporate an Idle speed control valve and a 0-5V throttle position sensor rather than the factory switch type. Late model Nissan 350Z fuel injectors were also fitted to take advantage of their excellent spray pattern & increased flow rate over the Commodore injectors. The fuel system was also converted to suit EFI including the fuel pump, filter, return line and associated plumbing. A trigger wheel was fitted to the crank pulley along with sensors and associated bracketing. An Adaptronic 420D ecu was installed and wiring loom constructed to suit.

As you will see from the before and after dyno results below the improvement was very significant and the on road drivability improved no end to give the 1970’s Ute contemporary road manors.


  An Adaptronic 420D ecu was chosen for the project.



The AVR loom for the Holden ready to be installed to the vehicle




Before & after dyno graphs. The series of lower readings are earlier attempts

to tune the miss-matched Holly 4-barrel carburettor. The blue trace is the final result

of the EFI tuning.

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