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 Motec I2 Pro Data Acquisition Hire services now available

 AVR now has its Motec Data logging rig up & running ready to fit to your vehicle for on track performance testing & dyno development work. For more information please see our Services page

The following are some screen shots showing just some of the information we can gather about your race or performance car.


Gearing information. The Motec I2 Pro software can simulate alternative gear ratios via its maths channels. This is a great way to evaluate what the effects of a different diff ratio , gearbox ratio or change in tyre diameter would be with out physically trying it.



RPM histogram. The above histogram shows where in the rev range the engine is being used for one lap. Each band is further broken down via the throttle position (green is full throttle).



Cornering G-force trace. Along with the speed trace this will show how setup changes & driver techniques help or hinder cornering performance. The shape of this curve also gives insights into driver technique and the line taken.



GPS driven line. Is another method of comparing driven lines – used with the rest of the data it quickly becomes clear if the line did or did not work.



Statistical percentages. Using Motec I2 maths information such as the percentage of time for each lap spent at full throttle, on the brakes, coasting, above a certain cornering G can all be displayed & compared.



 Rainbow maps. These are a great way to show where on the track events to place – where the event such as braking started & where its peak value occurred.


Remember the above screen shots are only a small sample of what can be displayed from information we can log from your car.


AVR in Palmerston North


AVR Performance spent a week working in Palmerston North recently doing some wiring & tuning on several race cars. 





Malcolm’s FD3 race car received a new wiring loom & a tune.

A full new vehicle & engine loom was made to incorporate a range of new sensors including 4 wheel speeds, oil pressure, fuel pressure, front & rear rotor exhaust pyros, boost hi/low switch, pit lane speed limit switch and brake switch for logging. The 13B REW is fitted with a GT35 turbo, stock inlet manifold, & a V-mount intercooler setup. Running 98 pump fuel it made 410hp at the wheels at 18psi. See a dyno tuning video here




Malcolm had also completed a lot of other redevelopment work with the car and after a long break since the last outing he was well pleased to get back out on the track again. The event was round-2 & 3 of the Road & Track series held at Manfield. He was pleased to be able to match his previous fastest time from two years ago straight out of the box & achieved some good results for the week end emerging 2nd overall in the series standings.



One of the other cars worked on during the trip to Palmerston North was Alan Montgomery’s RX7 FD3 race car. The work involved a couple of days of dyno development work trying out some different widgets & ideas.

The video shows Monty's FD3 race car during some of the early power runs.


The 13B peripheral port PP turbo made good progress with the tuning making some good gains in power & drivability.

Now this looks like a whole lot of fun…..


Des Millar along with the help of Jeff Magill have been busy fitting a Honda F20C Vtec engine (from a Honda S2000) to Des’s Toyota Starlet club/race car. In stock form these engines rev to 9000rpm and are rated at 240hp at the flywheel – so it all seems like a cunning way of getting your self a whole lot of fun.

Des Approached AVR Performance to supply an engine ecu,  dash display & wire the whole vehicle. An oil pressure sensor was fitted to the ecu so it can perform a safety cut if the oil pressure isn’t right. The ecu also passes on the oil pressure sensor information along with all of the other parameters including engine temp & rpm to the display. A shift light & warning light led are also fitted. Des can get on the job of driving the car with out having to keep an eagle eye on gauges – if something goes wrong the ecu will take steps to protect the engine & alert Des via the alarm light & display.

P1000884 P1000897

The loom is now complete & tested ready for Des to finish the fuel & cooling systems so we can start & then tune the car.

Michael's 3 Rotor PP fitted


Michael's peripheral port 3 rotor is fitted up to his FD3 RX7 race car for what should be the final time.

The next steps for his project are the intake manifold, cold air intake system, repackage the radiator and the exhaust system.


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