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Semi Auto paddle shift test

The following video is of some testing of the semi auto paddle shift system on the shop RX7 race car.

We had to cut the day short due to fuel pressure problems but were able to test the up shifts at part throttle. More testing to come.


20B Triple Rotor PP RX7 loom nearly finished.










The pictures show the loom around 75% finished for the full electrical system for Michael's 20B RX7 racecar.

The engine ecu, fuses, relays and power mosfet (for electric waterpump control via the ecu) are all mounted on the alloy bracket which is fitted to the passengers floor area for easy serviceable access.


The loom on the left side of the picture heads to the battery & fuel pump relays and then on to the rear of the car for the fuel pumps themselves and tail/brake lights. To the right of the picture are the looms that head to the engine bay and another for the driver switches.


Sensors include engine oil temp & pressure, fuel pressure, all 4 wheel speeds, gearbox temp, Cold airbox temp & pressure, driver control switches for the pit lane speed limiter, launch control , brake and clutch status.




Paddle shift Steering Wheel for Semi-Automatic gearshift system















The steering wheel is for the shop RX7 racecar. We have setup the air shifted gear shift system with the main aim to be kinder to the Holinger sequential gearbox by achieving repeatable exact shifts by removing the driver from the actual shift process.

 The paddle on the left is for downshifts & the right for upshifts. These send the shift requests to the Motec engine management where if conditions are correct the ignition is cut & upshift solenoid fired in a timed managed sequence or for downshifts the throttle is blipped, revs then limited to the right amount for the next lowest gear and the downshift solenoid fired - again all in a timed managed fashion.

The other red buttons are for the pit lane speed limiter and Motec dash display page functions.

Three Rotor Peripheral Port NA update

20B PP porting

Michael's 20B PP NA engine is coming along nicely with the peripheral port inserts fitted and the inlet and exhaust porting completed by AVR Performance. The port timings, diameters and port shapes were chosen to suit the operating rpm and to maximise the area under the power curve to make the most of the close ratio 5-speed gear box .


The sump/mounting plate is part way through its fabrication with the dummy engine nearly fully mounted. The remaining engine parts are going through the final phases of race preparation ready for a dummy assembly before the final assembly. More pictures to come.

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