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Michael's RX7 FD3 racecar short crank three rotor conversion

Michael ran his immaculate RX7 FD3 for the first time last season with a two rotor 13B with good results. The Motec injected peripheral port produced 290hp at the rear wheels. While this was good power for the NA engine he was up against turbo powered Evos and Corollas - the handling & set up of the FD gave him better than expected results but in the power stakes he was taking a knife to a gun fight!



So to address this options for more power were explored. A turbo 13b was the obvious choice in terms of power potential - however the novelty & sound of a Peripheral Port NA three rotor 20B won over.




While the engine preparation work is being done a dummy engine has been assembled ready to fit to the car so that mounting details can be worked out and fabricated. The alloy plate below the engine is the beginnings of the sump plate which will incorporate the engine mounts.








Dummy engine fit1

Dummy engine fit 2Dummy engine fit 3

 The 20B dummy engine is in place ready to finalise the mounting design.






Here are some pictures of the three rotor short crank ready for race prep and balancing.





SHOP AVR Mazda RX7 FD3 Batman Racecar


  • 695hp at rear wheels at 17psi boost.
  • 555hp at rear wheels at 12psi boost.

Lap times & results:

Kerry Bartlett drove the car to win the 2007 Sport Saloons series out right, along with class & handicap championships and a few lap records along the way.

  • Teretonga 1:02.7
  • Ruapuna 1:30.2
  • Levels 1:07.5
  • - these results were achieved with the old side port engine producing 555rwhp and in Sport Saloons trim – Kumho V700 Road tyres, 150kg of ballast, and 18psi boost.


  • Mazda 13B Rotary Peripheral Port PP turbo,
  • 2-piece centre bearing crank. Engine built by AVR Performance



  • HKS T51R turbo, HKS GTII 60mm external wastegate.

Engine management:

  • MoTec engine management & Motec Dash/data logger. M&W CDI ignition.


  • Holinger H6S 6-speed Sequential gearbox, AP twin plate clutch, Diff; Mazdaspeed 2-way plate type Lsd with 3.9, 4.1, 4.3, 4.4 or 4.8 ratios.


  • HKS externally adjustable shocks, HKS height adjusters & strut tops. Fully fabricated alloy/molly suspension arms and hubs, adjustable molly sway bars. Relocated suspension mounting points.


  • Front, Alcon Mono-4, monoblock differential bore 4-pot callipers with 335mm x 30mm Alcon vented disks. Rear, Brembo differential bore 4-pot callipers with 310mm x 21mm vented disks. Driver adjustable peddle box.


  • Fully lightened & seam welded/gusseted with multi point cage.


  • Rays MS01 17x9 front & 17x9 rear .


techblog1 techblog2 techblog3 P1000813c

A view from underneath – taken shortly after the car won the Sport Saloons series in 2007, a few wee changes have taken place since then.

AVR RX7 Dyno graph for the 13B Peripheral Port PP turbo - 695hp at the wheels using 17psi boost & E10 fuel.

The new 13B Peripheral Port  PP Turbo setup


Ruapuna test day video

Video clip of testing the gear shift strain gauge system for flat shifting on the Batman Racecar at a Ruapuna test day.

Thanks to Peter Abernathy for the video & editing - while you are there check out his befordboyz link for cool footage of the likes of Hayden Paddon, flying grasshoppers and much more.