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Benifits of a Quality Engine Management loom

Poor wiring 1Poor wiring 2AVR Engine loom

A quality engine management system such as Life Racing is the foundation stone for any competition or performance engine project. However to give that ecu a chance in operating correctly a quality wiring loom is required – like any computer, garbage in equals garbage out.

We have seen some very dodgy looms come through the door as per the 2 pictures on the left above. These are worst case examples but we have also seen looms that may look ok-ish but are made with poor quality materials & by someone that doesn’t understand the requirements. Trailer wire, chocolate blocks, budget crimps & electrical tape don’t cut if for materials – we have all seen how unreliable most trailer wiring jobs are! Nor does a lack of understanding cut it for best practice & method of construction – there are many techniques to be used to prevent issues with the operation of the system.

Wiring loom issues will usually surface while the car is being dyno tuned resulting in expensive dyno time being burned up sorting out wiring issues. Worse yet they can arise while the engine is under full load/boost resulting in engine damage.

The cost of diagnosing/repairing cheaply made looms can far exceed the cost of a cheap loom.

AVR Performance only supplies professionally built wiring looms made using motorsport industry best practice and use Millspec DR25 heatshrink covering & M22759/32 millspec wiring (as per V8 Supercars & other professional level motorsport). This allows a loom that is significantly more compact, lower wieght, with higher heat resistance and significantly more durable, reliable and longer lasting than other methods.

There are many other benefits & features to an AVR supplied loom which we will not discuss here – please contact to discuss your requirements.