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Michael's RX7 FD3 racecar short crank three rotor conversion

Michael ran his immaculate RX7 FD3 for the first time last season with a two rotor 13B with good results. The Motec injected peripheral port produced 290hp at the rear wheels. While this was good power for the NA engine he was up against turbo powered Evos and Corollas - the handling & set up of the FD gave him better than expected results but in the power stakes he was taking a knife to a gun fight!



So to address this options for more power were explored. A turbo 13b was the obvious choice in terms of power potential - however the novelty & sound of a Peripheral Port NA three rotor 20B won over.




While the engine preparation work is being done a dummy engine has been assembled ready to fit to the car so that mounting details can be worked out and fabricated. The alloy plate below the engine is the beginnings of the sump plate which will incorporate the engine mounts.








Dummy engine fit1

Dummy engine fit 2Dummy engine fit 3

 The 20B dummy engine is in place ready to finalise the mounting design.






Here are some pictures of the three rotor short crank ready for race prep and balancing.