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Rileys RX7 FD3 Series-7 Full Bridgeport project

Rileys Series-7 RX7 FD3 street car started of with the standard13BREW twin turbo engine. With 100 000km on the clock the engine was still running fine but he decided to have the engine torn down for a freshen up. At this point things started to get carried away with plans of a full bridgeport & single turbo conversion.

A Garret T04Z turbo has been selected and the engine has recieved a stud kit along with all of the other reliability mods for the level of power anticiapated. A V-mount intercooler/radiator setup, full fuel system upgrade and 60mm Tial wastegate are all to be fitted to achieve Rileys aims.

Ready for porting









End plates with the bidgeport slots freshly machined ready for porting.











 Assembly of the Full bridgeport 13BREW


















The finished product.



Empty engine bay cleaned up & waiting patiently