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 Never Party without Protection


 Pressure sensor

 The pressure sensor in the picture above is cheap insurance for your expensive race/performance engine.


AVR Performance can set these up as fuel pressure and/or oil pressure inputs into your Life Racing or Motec hundred series ECUs and then configure an intelligent protection limit if the fuel pressure or oil pressure fall to dangerous levels.




 The data logging in the picture above shows how this system saved our race engines bacon at a track test day. For the warm up lap the fuel pressure behaved as it should have. However fuel pump inlet strainers & fuel filters were blocked severely reducing the fuel pumps flow capacity. The first time full throttle was applied & boost came in the fuel pressure fell over. You can see from the traces the moment this happened the ignition cut came in and prevented the engine from otherwise inevitable damage. Even though the alarm light came on & a warning message was displayed on the dash the driver (who is a bit slow) attempted full throttle a second time with the same result before deciding to head into the pits to check out the problem. The problem was corrected and away the car went again. So a happy ending to what would have been tears at bedtime.

Call AVR Performance to discuss this valuable insurance for your car.